Stock management and Handling

KFL offers clients the ability to outsource their inventory management services to our experienced team. Our team of stock and quality controllers offer a professional and effective solution to handle product flow and to ensure smooth operation of client supply chains. KFL either implements a client specific stock managing procedure or offers alternative methods and solutions. 

Managing stores

Inventory is managed and organized by code dates to ensure proper rotation of stock. We normally utilize FEFO (first expiry first out). This way we can minimize clients losses and ensure a longer shelf life for stock. KFL follows international standards in its receiving procedures, product storage which is normally controlled using BIN cards and pallet identification through our racking systems. 

Offloading, loading and product dispatch

KFL handles the offloading and loading of client trucks, trailers and containers with the use of forklift, pallet jacks and manual labor. Through product dispatch our QA and stock controllers follow procedures to issue delivery notes, disregard non- conforming product and establish a product traceability program in the event product is required to be recalled after dispatch.


KFL receives training in conducting self internal audits on client stock handling processes if necessary.

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