Additional options

Refrigerated container plug- in

KFL offers clients 20FT or 40FT reefer container 3- phase plug in stations.

Lettable office space

On site lettable office space 

Dry storage 

Ambient or dry product warehouses, both regular or food grade are available.  


We provide insurance to clients to protect their stock depending on client requirements. 

Refrigerated vehicle hire

We offer our tenants the ability to lease out our refrigerated vehicles.

Product safety

Our number one priority is to ensure the safety and maintain the quality of the fragile perishable products which our clients entrust us with.


KFL provides backup refrigeration systems to ensure constant operation, even when we undergo maintenance. We stock in-house spares in case of mechanical failure and ensure stable power supply with our back-up generators.  

Food safety

KFL offers clients product security programs, access to trained staff and systems abiding by HACCP and HAZMAT food safety standards. All our refrigerated and dry warehouses are equipped with fire hazard prevention and both toxic and non-toxic pest control facilities. In addition, KFL also implements a master cleaning and sanitation program. Our temperature controlled loading docs ensure that we maintain the cold chain and prevent product contamination.

Temperature monitoring 24/7
KFL has installed electronic temperature/ humidity monitoring and data logging systems which are equipped with warning alarms. 
Technicians and Staff 24/7
We have on- site refrigeration engineers and technicians 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide full mechanical and staff services. 
Security and access control
Our facility is equipped with full CCTV camera's and 4 Security guards 24 hours a day.We also control the flow of personnel, vehicles and goods in and out of our facility. This helps us maintain accurate records and ensures losses are minimized. We offer client specific solutions including other security measures like biometric access.

Storage to your needs

Whether your requirements for storage are long or short-term we can cater to your needs. We are extremely versatile and provide clients with customizable and flexible solutions to meet all the requirements no matter how complex. We are also able to build customized stores for clients as well as lease to clients based on the specifications.

Service and Standards
We understand your needs.

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