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KUKU Foods (KFC)


Our Team is all in-house

Our experienced team at KFL genuinely cares about your needs and the safety of your product. We maintain extremely healthy personal relationships with our clients that go beyond a generic landlord- tenant relationship. 

Why choose us?

striving for greatness.

Leave your worries to us

Leave your supply chain worries to us so you can focus on your core business building off of a solid foundation. We at KFL will customize our services to meet your specialized cold chain requirements no matter how challenging. Furthermore, our continuous improvement program enhances our strengths to conduct better service to ensure the quality, longevity and shelf life of any perishable products stored in our facility. Striving to deliver better and improved service standards year round is the focus of KFL's corporate culture. 

Our strategic locations is also yours

Our headquarter is tactically located at one of the largest Industrial areas in Ntinda, Kampala. Our ideal location provides you the ease of access to the central business district and contributes to the benefit of lower distribution cost for your business operations. Moreover, we are well connected to the logistics hub of Kampala which provides you the ideal access to the northern bypass and main trade route connecting to the port in Mombassa, Kenya. Our distribution center gives you the ease of access and minimizes lead time in deliveries in the urban and suburb areas. In addition, our second phase of an additional 800 square meters of refrigerated storage space located in Namamve industrial area is under construction. We are expecting to be ready and provide service to you at our second location in July 2016.

ISO and NDA Uganda approved and audited by YUM! Brands Inc.

We strive to maintain current standards and constantly improve our facilities and services. This helps us improve our credibility and ensures that we remain the leading premium provider of refrigerated food and medical storage in Uganda.
We are audited twice a year by international organizations responsible for conducting audits for our clientele with product brands including KFC, Pizza Hut and Pepsi. 

We care for your product like its our own

We can't stress enough on how important product safety is to us which why we have back-up units and power generators for all of our Cold Stores in case of mechanical failure or power outages. Not only do we have back-up units and power generators but we also have technicians and staff 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week year round. Our whole premise is equipped with CCTV camera's and 4 security guards 24/7  to ensure the safety of your products.